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Eye Clinic FAQs

Based on visual development, your child should have an eye exam at the age of 6-9months. This is a good time to make sure that vision is developing normally.

As a diabetic, BC Medical does pay for your eye exam up to once every 6 months. The maximum they pay is $45.73. Depending on the office you go to, the exam fee may be different and you would pay the difference. 

When you come in for your eye exam, you should bring your Carecard, a list of the medications and vitamins you take, any eyeglasses that you currently use and if you use contact lenses, come in wearing them. If you have extended health benefits, bring your plan information in as we may be able to bill the plan on your behalf.



ATTENTION: Thank You For Your Patience! We have re-opened with increased safety measures, sanitizing touchpoints, equipment, and exam rooms after each patient. We are open our usual hours except for Thursdays when we will be open 10 am- 6 pm. To book an appointment please contact us at (604) 574-4527. We hope you are continuing to stay healthy and safe. Cloverdale Optometry.
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